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  • Is this blood?

    Hello! So a few weeks ago I took my crestie in to the vet because he was having a lot of diarrhea, and what I thought looked to be blood in it. They reported that he has giardia, and since then he's gone in twice for his doses of antibiotics. I was hoping that his poops would get better after the 2 treatments, but in a span of about 2.5 weeks he's only pooped once, and it was incredibly watery and still contained "blood"

    The vet suggested that the blood may be from his food. I used to feed him Repashy, but ever since his first vet visit I have only fed him Pangea fig+insects and growth blend. I'm really paranoid that his treatment didn't work if he's still having these issues. In the meantime before I visit my vet again, I wanted to know if anyone could identify if this is blood or something else? It looks too bright red to be blood, but I don't have much of a reference to go off of.

    My gecko isn't acting strange, but I know that things could go from good to bad immediately. He is currently 39g and hasn't lost any weight from his sickness.
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