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New owner I need help please respond!!

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  • New owner I need help please respond!!

    So I got my crestie about 6 months ago. It started off a bit rocky because I got him without really researching (I know that’s probably the worst thing I could do for him &#128546 but the local breeder told me I could handle him the next day. My friend got a gecko from him and hers is great and super well-behaved. Well as you can imagine handprint him the next day was not the right thing to do and I think that’s where he got a bit more skittish. I did some more researching but he never really got better. I tried with him for about a month and he was still really skittish. I know it was a horrible thing to do but I gave up. Today, five months later, I had to clean his cage. I had a box with air holes and some plants set up for him but as soon as my hand came near him he ran away. I realized that I need to start handling him again. I am fully prepared to give him all the time and attention he needs this time I just really want him to be happy where he is. Any suggestions will be SERIOUSLY appreciated. Thank you, I will update later.

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    Just handle him a few times a week for a couple of minutes at a time however realize handling isnt really necessary. I always try to tell people youre not going to hurt your geckos feelings by not handling them, honestly most would prefer to be left alone. And in some instances some never tame down. I have 2 our of around 60 at the moment that I don't handle unless absolutely necessary like weigh ins or cage cleaning. Beyond that I dont handle them as they clearly don't want it. I have others I can go without handling for months (they are kept in bioactives) and I can reach in there and handle them fine. So I would say if you try handling for a month or so and still getting the same results, give it to your pets desires and let it be. It is our desire to hold them, not theirs so it would be a lot happier if you just left it alone.
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      My first gecko (Tiberius) came from a breeder who was handling them all of the time so she was super tame when we got her. We handled her from the day we got her and she has been fine and actually seems to enjoy being handled.

      The second gecko we have was a rescue and came from a home where he/she (still too small to tell) wasn't ever handled. I also handled her from the day we got her, even hand feeding her when we got her home as she was so skinny. She has been very skittish, but after a few weeks happily will climb onto my hand and socialise.

      I do really think you just need to get to know your gecko and see what they are happy with. Watch for their breathing etc. If the gecko is clearly unhappy, only handle for a short amount of time and then put them back. They will get used to it, and maybe even come to enjoy it. By no means am I an expert. Just my experience.


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        Another thing to try: if you need to move your gecko from its enclosure, you can introduce a paper towel roll. Geckos will often go inside voluntarily -- you won't need to directly touch your gecko. This technique for moving a skittish gecko can help reduce its stress level when you clean.
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          Thank you!!