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my baby girl is missing! pls HELP :c

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  • my baby girl is missing! pls HELP :c

    okay so i messed up and had let her out and my boyfriend placed her on a stick to hang out on and i forgot about her... realized she wasnt roaming around all the next day in her cage and then late at night she didnt come out when lights went off so then i realized its cuz i never even put her back in.
    i feel so bad, she isnt that small so its not like she could have gone into anything super tiny as far as i know but she is a crestie, and people have said theyve found them in actual closed boxes so im kind of at a loss here... we looked inside heaters, in clothes hanging up, on shelves behind the fridge in the stove, under the stove, all around the cage and bookshelf, inside my house plants, in bags... gonna continue looking in all the cupboards and shoes. any other clever and random spaces i should try?! I just cant really think of any because i've never had her get out and just disappear. I left food out for her last night and stayed up till almost 5 am in the dark trying to get her back. I'm worried she might have got out through the crack under the front door and escaped into our building (not very big either, just a house thats been converted into units) and the section where she could have gone is just a stairwell and there arent any holes that I could see. from the outside of the door though the crack seemed too small for her to get under and theres lots of places to hide in here so im kind of hoping she just stayed close and bunkered down somewhere extremely clever... It's been about 2 days now. I understand they can live for quite a bit outside their cage and will come roaming for food, but ive also read horror stories where they've found the gecko dead on the floor or under the oven. Shes my little Sticky baby and I'm worried about her. I even cast a spell for her to return to me last night lmao i just want her backkk. any advice on what to do/ where to look next is appreciated.

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    From the sounds of it, it likely wasnt in a small isolated room which is easier to find them in. All you can really do is put out many feeding dishes throughout the home so that she has many to choose from instead of just a couple which might be harder for her to find. Look behind window curtains/shades, pictures, and all the places you had already mentioned. She likely isnt in a cabinet since they cant really open doors, but if any are left ajar then search there. If you watch tv at night out there, don't, also be sure to turn the lights off at 9pm. Wait for around 9:30-10 pm to start searching. Take a flash light and just scan the areas first, and keep quiet to try and hear her fumbling around. If you can't find her via room scanning, then start actually searching again. I would also do it again early in the morning, so if you wake up early for work, do a quick scan and search again before getting ready.
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      Food has been mentioned but it's also important to make sure your gecko has a nice humid place to return to. Could you leave her cage open and make sure there's a shallow water dish in there? Keep misting as normal. They are much more at risk of dehydration than starving, and if she wants a drink, she may return home to get it.

      Good luck and keep us posted! I hope you find her soon!
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        we live in a small 1 bedroom apartment luckily so not very many places to go...
        I even cast a spell that night and stayed up till 5 am. Found her the next day first place I looked in an empty popsicle box about 10 ft away from her original branch. I left her cage wide open but I guess she was a little scared and waited for me to get her gave her some food, she ate a lil, misted her+ tank and shes good.

        thanks for the replies,
        peace and love.