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  • Not breeding??

    I have two female crested geckos. Both 40+grams last time I checked. They both have been together for a little while now and have been fine. A friend gave me his male crested gecko. The male has been a proven breeder. He is the same size/weight as my females. I have the 3 of then ttogether. They have been together for 4ish days now and I've seen no breeding activity at all. The male will sort of follow them around the tank. And the females will usually just run away from him. When they don't run away he will go over to them, and climb on top of them, but then leave without doing anything. I keep their enclosure between 70-78degrees. They have water and food at all times. I spray once in the morning and once at night. I try to handle them a bit each day. All 3 have tails. One of the females in a virgin the other one was paired before but laid duds(with previous owner). One of the females explores their enclosure and moves about alot more than the other. I'm just not sure what I'm doing wrong since I haven't seen them so anything. One night I caught the male bite one of the females. (I have a baby monitor on them). But that's about it :/. Any advice? Oh and I've seen them sleep next to each other during the day.

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    Don't worry. It sounds like the male will get the job done. Advancing on the females and biting are signs of things going in the right direction.