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Please help me (and my crestie)!

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  • Please help me (and my crestie)!

    Idk how to say this without it not making sense, but my crested gecko is giving me a breakdown everytime I try to feed her.
    Its not because she isnt eating, its because I just cant deal with having to handfeed her every day. When I got her back in april she was kinda underweight and I fed her on a daily basis so that she would stay healthy and then she almost got on a good weight and then she just started to eat less and less. It is stressing me out so much and everytime I go to try feed her or handle her I start shaking uncontrollably and I will still be shaking like 30 mins later.
    I have tried everything people has said, I have tried "training" her, I have waited for her to search for it, I have even made a feeding ledge that she has easy access to and she still refuses to eat the food I serve her. She has eaten Arcadia's EartPro StickyFoot Gold her whole life so im wondering if she might just have gotten tired of it? Should I try to feed her something else? Her humidity and heat is just fine and she has a big water bowl with fresh water every day so she is probably not dehydrated.
    It all just makes me feel like im not taking proper care of her and its just making me so stressed and sad.
    I kinda just wanna give up and sell her as I cant live with this every day for 15-20 years, but I cant sell her if she really doesnt eat much and I think I would be more sad if I had to get rid of her.

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    Your gecko has trained you. Just simply stop hand feeding your gecko, she wont starve herself to death if she is a healthy animal.

    One thing I would recommend doing is try switching foods, variety is the spice of life! Try investing in some Pangea Apricot, or Pangea Watermelon flavor, those seem to go over well with picky eaters.
    lets just say I have a lot of stuff


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      Thank you very, very, VERY much! I got some Pangea Watermelon a few days ago, and she is going CRAZY for it! The second night I served it for her, she ate half of the bowl (Not the bowl, but the food in there, just so im sure you understand). Its a big improvement as she used to only take a few licks. Thank you so much again