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    I have a 8 month old crestie who I've had since March. A couple of weeks ago, I moved him(?) into his Exo Terra 18x18x24 tank and he seems to be doing well. However, I have not been able to start handling him and he doesn't seem too interested in my hand. I need to be able to handle him for at least a little bit so I can start weighing him, so does anyone have any tips for me as I'm beginning to start handling him? When I had to move him to his big tank, he climbed up my arm and nearly escaped under my bed, so I don't want that to happen again. Thanks in advance!!

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    What I tell my buyers is if you're a bit timid with handling your geckos, don't do it alone. These guys are not as delicate as we make them out to be and when we are super gentle, that is when we loose the control. However with that said don't man handle your gecko. You will soon learn to read its body language to tell when it is about to jump (you can physcally see their muscles in their legs tense). And always be sure to hand your free hand in front of the animal which ever way its face is pointing as if it is going to jump, it is going to go in that direction. I am going to give you a handling video to watch as it explains it better than just trying to type it out.

    One thing I don't recall her mentioning is when an animal runs up your arm. I found an easy way to stop them before getting too high is to put your hand right in front of it, not flat, but vertical forcing it to climb up your hand you placed in front of it.

    And just give it time, it can take a few weeks for your gecko to get used to handling. However I will mention in the case of overly flightly animals, I simply do not handle them except for cleaning or weigh ins, and when I weigh them I place them in a container that has been zeroed. My motto is that I would rather not stress out the animals that clearly do not want to be handled. But in all honestly out of all of my geckos, I only have 2 that are nearly impossible to keep control of out of, I don't know I have around 20 in house at the moment. So it isn't like the majority of these guys will be untamable, most are when you realize to work within theirs and your comfort zone.
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      Thank you so much! And yeah I get pretty nervous in terms of trying to handle him and such, and I tend to get shaky, so I will definitely watch the video and begin taming him down. Thanks again!!