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Crestie breeding issues?! Pls i need advice

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  • Crestie breeding issues?! Pls i need advice

    Hello guys. I have a 2yrs female crested gecko of about 40 grams. I have put her in with a 3yrs male also 40. She has laid 3 clutches of 2 eggs but none of them were fertile..I dont know what Im doing wrong. Both of my cresties eat dusted crickets with calcium every now and then and two different flavours of repashy as a main diet. I have given my female extra micro calcium with D3 so that she doesnt have a calcium crash while laying. Also I change my female's substrate every month and it's always moist and fresh. The temperature is constantly warm whether its day or night. Please give me advice. Or is it that it is her first season? Thank you.

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    Did you buy the female recently? Wondering if she was already bred by another owner and maybe they didn't have luck so they sold it?


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      If this is her first season it isn't uncommon for females to have unpredictable first seasons. I have found allowing them to be at least 45g they seem to have a better first season than at merely 40g. I have also found letting them mature to 3 years old instead of 2 has also increased their productivity their first year, however their first year is still not as predictable as a seasoned breeder. Separate them if you haven't already as there is no need to keep them constantly paired together, and just give her time. It is only around mid season so she still has a chance to produce you fertile clutches. I would say if next year she doesn't produce anything then you may have an issue of where either one, or both of your geckos are infertile, which isn't unheard of, but a bit more rare. I myself had an infertile female, as luck would have it she was paired to an infertile male LOL. I had tried that female with 2 other males, that male was paired with quite a number of females (was a loan between a friend and I). That was many years ago and I have never had an infertile female since. They do pop up here and there, I do know of a few infertile animals out there, but its a rare thing.
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        Thank you for your reply. I have only kept them together for a couple of days so he had time to inseminate her. I have then removed the male so it wont stress out my female. How would i know if one of them is infertile? Can a vet tell that? I havent consulted one yet. Or i should just give her time. She has a lot to live. I ll give her a cool off after this season and try next year.