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keeping crestie warm

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  • keeping crestie warm

    I'm possibly moving to Minnesota from Indiana this next year and I've been doing great with the room temperatures in my house day and night, but I'm scared with Minnesota winters my apartment will get too cold for my crestie. what lighting fixtures/bulbs would you guys recommend?

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    You can get a small heating pad and stick it to the side of the enclosure hooked up to a thermostat and set the probe directly on the inside of the glass in the center of the heat mat... set the thermostat to about 72 degrees and you are good to go... if your crestie gets chilly the will move closer to the heat mat


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      It will depend on the size of enclosure you are using. Ceramic heat emitters are a good choice as cresteds still recognize and see black and red lights so it can disrupt their day/night cycle a bit. Ceramic heat emitters only produce heat and no light. Another option is to place an under tank heater on the side of the enclosure which will warm the surface of the glass, and raise the air temperature over it a few degrees. However due to how hot these can get I recommend plugging it into a dimmer switch to reduce the flow of electricity to it so that way it doesn't get too hot. Your last option is a space heater, and it is what I personally use. We keep our house around 68 in the winter, which cresteds can tolerate however upstairs where my gecko room is, it gets really cold up there. So I have a space heater with a built in thermostat in that room to ensure the room stays at 70 in the winter.
      lets just say I have a lot of stuff