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When to move my crestie into a bigger home

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  • When to move my crestie into a bigger home

    Hey guys! New to the forum but not specifically to owning a crestie. I got my lil dude Calcifer in mid December and judging by size he was at least two months old but I don´t truly know because I got him from a chain pet store he has been growing and seemingly thriving in a 12x12x18 exo terra for the last 5 months but I don´t know how long i should be waiting now until i move him into a 20L like ive been planning to

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    I generally recommend keeping animals under 6g in a 6qt storage container, they seem to do well in smaller enclosures. I normally recommend right around 10g to upgrade to a 10 gallon, which is basically what you have right now (that size is actually 11 gallons). I don't recommend a 20L for these guys unless you intend to turn it vertical to give the aquarium more height than length. But I would upgrade right around 30-35g into the larger enclosure.
    lets just say I have a lot of stuff