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Handfed crestie need help weaning

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  • Handfed crestie need help weaning

    My husband and I have a crested gecko that is about 2 yrs old, we got him at about a year old. He has never been a good eater and about 9 months ago he stopped eating regularly and started dropping serious weight. Based on recommendations of our local reptile store we started hand feeding him, he gained back the weight and is consistent as long as we remember to feed him. Our schedules have changed and we are now trying to wean him but he has lost a lot of weight, he was 19 oz and is now 15 oz after 2 weeks of weaning. I am worried that he will starve at this rate and I really dont want that to happen. I know weaning can be hard but this seems like a lot of loss for just 2 weeks. He is in a large planted terrarium, if that matters and is fed a powdered food. Should we try different food? Should we try moving him to his critter carrier to make it easier to find his food? Honestly I have never done this and dont know what I am doing, so any advice is appreciated.

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    Can you post some photos of your gecko? I think you mean grams instead of ounces? These guys do not need to be hand fed unless ill then they can use possibly a bit of help.
    What diet are you feeding him? Temps? Any info on housing and care you can provide will really help us to help you


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      I'd suggest feeding him on a toothpick. Do you feed him insects or CGD? If it's CGD you can put some on a toothpick and feed him that way for two or three days. Continue to do that and slowly lower the toothpick into the food bowl. He'll learn that's where he needs to eat. Hope this helps! Good luck on your gecko