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Baby Crestie not eating?

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  • Baby Crestie not eating?

    Hi! I am new to owning cresties and this is my first, so I'm still looking for help. I was directed here so let me ask my question.

    I got a juvenile crested gecko 16 days ago. He was, and still is, active and energetic. On this past Wednesday, he had his first shed! I was so happy and gave him space. But after that he now spends most all of his time on the cork at the bottom of the terrarium. After that he really stopped eating. A bit here and there, but not massive. I leave his food and water by him.

    I mist his tank twice a day, its kept at 75°, he is not lethargic, in fact he is very active.

    I was told he might be stressed by space as he is 6 grams and in a 12×12×18 by Zoo Med.
    There is paper towel on the floor to see if he poops but I'm wondering if what i was told is correct or if something else is happening.

    Thank you in advance!

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    It can take up to a month before a crestie feels comfortable in his new apartment to begin eating. If he's active, he is probably just fine, they are active at night so you may not see him moving around a lot during the day.

    Since he is small yet, can you put two feeding stations in the tank? One high and one on the ground. Once he's bigger, you can remove one of them. What are you feeding? The misting sounds fine, and the temp sounds fine as well. Keep using the paper towel until you know he is eating regularly. Sometimes they are so small, that poops are hard to find, as they may go on foliage or other decor in the tank.

    Your tank size is fine; just give him more time to adjust.
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