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    Hi everyone!

    I'm so delighted! My Godfrey is coming up on two years old. I was getting worried about his growth (he stayed small for such a long time!) but he has fleshed out significantly, growing a reasonably plump body. He's even started developing those wonderful folds of skin around his throat, like a little komodo dragon <3 I'm moving apartments soon, and I plan on transferring him from his juvenile exoterra enclosure (12x12x18) to his new enclosure (18x18x24). I'm sure he'll come to love his new home, but I'm a little worried about the transition. How did you ease your cresties into their new adult terrariums? Did you transfer over all of their decorations for familiarity and comfort? Did you give them crickets as a housewarming present?

    Also, I have heard that cresties reach their adult size around 1 1/2 years. Is it unusual for a gecko to have a growth spurt later than that?

    Any advice, anecdotes, and encouragement is greatly appreciated!

    Here's my little dragon:

    Click image for larger version

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    He still looks kind of small. How big is he? I have a crestie that is coming up on 1.5 years I believe and is only 21 grams. Very small compared to my other adults, which are all 60+. But this little guy is not doing much in the growth department.


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      Your Godfrey is very cute!! When I switched my tanks, I did move some of the familiar items, and he did seem to appreciate that. If Godfrey eats crickets regularly, then feeding him right away in his new tank will probably be helpful too, although it may take him a little while to feel comfortable enough to eat. So be patient and don't worry about that too much.

      Cresties grow at such different rates; they can have growth spurts at just about any time, and some of them stay small their entire lives. My 8-year old crestie has been holding steady at 38-39 grams for the past 3 years. But he has a healthy appetite and is active, and he is fine.

      Enjoy your little Godfrey - he looks like he has quite the personality!
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