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Will my crestie be ok after a big fall?

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  • Will my crestie be ok after a big fall?

    Ok, so I was handling my crestie like I normally do and I went to put her back in her vivarium when she suddenly runs up my arm, all the way up to my shoulder and then takes off in an enormous jump, where she falls 140-160 cm down on our wood floor and lands on her back. I quickly took her up and put her into her vivarium where she jumped onto a plant and fell down onto her hide. She then started to walk across the floor (in the vivarium) and I noticed that she was walking kind of funky, like if she was drunk or something. Then she hid behind another plant where I couldnt see her.
    She has never fell that far before and I have never seen her walk that way so idk if she was just a bit shocked or if there could be going on anything serious.
    Is she going to be fine or should I take her to the vet?

    I really hope you can help!!

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    If she’s eating ok still and has interest in insects then I’d say it’s fine. If she’s not eating even baby food or crickets then you could for a vet visit but I think it would be unlikely they would be able to anything other then force feed it.