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Drippers for Crested Geckos?

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  • Drippers for Crested Geckos?

    I have seen previous posts about getting drippers for crested geckos, but those threads weren't too helpful. I have had my baby crestie for about four months and he/she seems like s/hes doing really well so far. I am gone for about 8-9 hours every weekday and remain home on weekends. I maintain my geckos humidity with a quick mist in the morning and then about two each night. My only concern is that she is not getting enough water and I fear she may become dehydrated. I was looking at the ExoTerra Dripper Plant, but wanted to get advice before jumping into anything. Has anyone tried drippers? Which ones would you recommend? Pros and cons?
    Thanks in advance!
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    That’s a horrible idea. Just asking to for a vent infection. Don’t do it. Just keep a piece of paper towel in your pocket when you take it. And don’t let your gecko sit on your head.


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      I don’t know how but I must have seen diapers not dripper. After that I must have stopped reading. Sorry lol. But yeah now after looking at it with my glasses. I don’t see the benifit of a dripper since you have to mist anyways and they will also drink standing water unlike chameleons where you absolutely need some sort of moving water. If your tank was large enough then maybe but if a gecko had to stay in close proximity to the drip then I feel like it would annoy it. They really don’t like water unless they are trying to get away from something.