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How Long Do Dubias Hold Nutritional Value?

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  • How Long Do Dubias Hold Nutritional Value?

    Hello! I bought some dubias for my crestie a few months ago and thought I had fed them all, but just checked and have a few left. They haven't been given any food or water in that time (poor things) but are definitely still alive. Would they still be safe to feed to my gecko? I would assume they've been eating their feces or possibly bits of paper towel, which I would guess isn't the greatest for my gecko to eat "secondhand." Should I kill them and throw them out, or are they safe to feed?
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    They'd be safe to feed, however, I'd gutload them first. Give them some carrots, or even old gecko food, they'll devour it quickly. Do that for a couple of days and then feed them off. You shouldn't have any problems as long as you feed them for a few days first.
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      Anyone in Ontario selling some? I can’t listen to crickets anymore. I can 100% verify that the Cuban embassy crisis was not caused by crickets chirping.