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  • Questions About Proper Care

    I've had my crestie for almost two years now, and I'm starting to get a little concerned that I'm not giving him the best care.

    So here are the basics:
    -I don't know his age exactly but when I got him in May of 2017 he looked very young (like ~3 months?)
    -weighs 23 grams (looks a little thin to me especially for his age?)
    -being kept in a 10 gallon long turned on its side (will be upgrading to a 18x18x24 soon)
    -fed Pangea's complete diet that I change every day
    -cage misted twice a day (once at night/once in the morning)
    -don't feed any insects, but gave him wax worms once in a while when I was concerned with his weight
    -doesn't have a UVB or heat lamps and my room generally stays in the mid-70s range
    -noticed he's been striking at the cage door/walls and I'm afraid he's gonna hurt himself

    Now my questions:
    -Is there anything I should be doing differently?
    -Is he underweight for being at least 2 years old?
    -Should I start feeding crickets? Recommended dusting?
    -Is that striking thing normal?