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Crestie not moving

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  • Crestie not moving

    Hi everyone!
    Lately my crested has not been moving around his tank. I checked on him last night at around 10 pm and he hadn’t moved from the day. This morning he is in the same place I left him. Two nights ago the same thing was happening and I picked him up, then he started moving around. I don’t know if he stayed where he was after I left though. I am really nervous something is wrong with him. He is about a year old and I’ve had him for roughly 3 months.

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    It is quite normal for them to return to the same spot and not move all day, especially if they think someone is watching them. Chances are that he's moving around at night/when you're not there. Just keep feeding him and looking for poop.
    3.3.0 Correlophus ciliatus (crested geckos)


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      But... he hadn’t moved at night either. At 10 pm he was in the exact same spot. He still is today. He is breathing though so that’s a good sign 😕


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        how is the temperature of the room your gecko is located in ?

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          *update he is now moving. But now I have the opposite problem. It is about 5 30 pm and my little crestie is up and moving, on the complete opposite side of his tank. I don’t know what time he woke up, if he was even asleep at all but now I’m worried for a different reason!!! He was also awake last night at around 8:30. By the way he is about a year old and I’ve had him for about 2 months. What is happening?!?! His sleep schedule is all messed up.


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            No worries, it should be fine as long as you keep the right temperature


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              My girl does this too. Chills right out goes to her lightest colour and just chills. Unusually before she’s breeding to be fair though.

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