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Horizontal terrarium for crested geckos

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  • Horizontal terrarium for crested geckos

    Hey there, I've been looking forward to getting a crested gecko.

    I've set my mind on a bioactive terrarium, unfortunately, only one I have at the moment is a horizontal one, measuring 100x40x40 cms (length, width, height) - approximately 40x16x16 inches.
    What are your thoughts? Since everyone recommends housing crested geckos in a vertical one, could the length of this one provide for the lack of height? Lots of hiding/climbing spaces and plants are a sure thing. Planning on placing the terrarium at least 1.6 meters high. Unfortunately, the terrarium cannot be turned sideways because of its doors since they are sliding ones, already tried that and it didn't go well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
    Just wanna know your opinion on housing them in a horizontal terrarium, is it in any way bad for them?

    Thanks in advance <3