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  • Need help or advices please :'/

    First thing, i'm french so my english should be ''ok''

    My problem is : My 6 month old crested gecko is not growing. Since december, I have weighed him every week and since, he only weigh 4 grams. I don't think it's normal for a 6 month old crested gecko, so I would like confirmation on this. I feed him Repashy every day, in a small bottle cap. 2 times a week I give him 1 dusted mealworms. He eats the mealworm like a beast every time I gave him, but for the Repashy, the bowl never change, he don't eat it. He's eating it, for sure because I see poop. But he's not growing up. Always 4 grams

    I take him every 2 days to do hand-walking. When I take him, he's ok with me, don't look stressed.

    So, if possible, can you guys give me some advices or help me to figure out what's going on ?

    -Cloclo22, Qu├ębec

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    Hello! First, my suggestion would be to switch from mealworms to something like dubia roaches or crickets. Mealworms have a hard exoskeleton that can be hard for cresties to digest. Dubias are the usual preferred insect that I hear about. Second, you could try offering insects less often. If he's 4 grams his stomach can't hold very much, so he probably isn't eating his Repashy because he's full. Maybe space it out to a couple insects offered twice a month or so, that way he's for sure getting the nutrients he needs from CGD. Your gecko could also just be a slow grower, some grow much faster or slower than others which is natural.
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      Try some different flavors of Pangea instead of Repashy. Some geckos take to that brand better. Also, mealworms aren't particularly good for crested geckos - they are hard to digest. Try dubia or discoid roaches if you can get them, or the Pangea flavors that include insects. The breeder's formula in particular seems to help with growth, and is a complete diet, meaning your gecko won't NEED insects in addition to it. Try that along with one of the fruit flavors and see if it helps.

      What temperature is your tank? Mid-70's is ideal. If regularly cooler than that, he may not grow as fast either. Some geckos just grow more slowly than others. But he should be gaining, even if slowly.
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        Bienvenue, Cloclo22!

        My French is very rusty but if you use it, I will be able to understand it.
        I agree with what the others have said.
        RepitlesRUS is the Canadian supplier of Pangea that I use. I have 6 crested geckos and they all prefer Pangea food to Repashy. The flavour they like best is watermelon, and their second-favourite flavour is insect fruit mix. They are not particularly fond of the breeders' formula.
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          Thank you guys, I'm really happy to receive some help ! I'll buy pangea and see for dubia roaches. Thanks a lot !