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  • Rescue Crested Laying Eggs

    Hey guys, I just picked up a Crested gecko as a rescue at a repticon. She was overbred and has MBD. Today she laid some eggs and after candling them I can tell they are fertile. I don’t have an incubator, and really wasn’t expecting this at all. I’m not interested in breeding and I’m really stuck for what I’m supposed to do now. I don’t want to “kill” these eggs, but I am totally not prepared for this and freaking out just a little. What do I do?

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    Luckily, crested gecko eggs can incubate at room temperature. Get a gladware container with a cover. Get some perlite (from a garden store). Moisten the Perlite with water (ideally it's 1 part Perlite to 0.8 parts water which people usually achieve by using a gram scale. If that's impossible for you, you could either estimate --just don't make it soaking wet-- or you could use some moist coco fiber). Find a place in your house where the temperatures are relatively stable. Don't put the container near an outside wall or a window if you live in a cold area because it will be too cold there. Keep the container closed. Every week or so, open the container briefly for air exchange. It may take up to 10 weeks or more. Please remember that even experienced breeders have some eggs just not hatch, so don't take it personally. If and when you get hatchlings, remove them from the container and put them in a small enclosure. I used 6qt tubs (shoe box size) for my crestie hatchlings, though some people feel they should have more height. I put a small coconut shell hide, a piece of bamboo or other stick leaning against the hide at a 45 degree angle in the enclosure. After 3 days or so, I added a small water dish and small bottle cap of CGD. I misted every evening. Good luck.



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      how EXCITING!! and the instructions seem pretty easy!! good luck and let us know how you make out!!
      thank you!

      happy "mom" of:
      1 crested gecko
      6 birds (CAG, tiel, conure, lovie, 2 zebra finches)