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Handling Crested Gecko - No access during the day

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  • Handling Crested Gecko - No access during the day

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post here although I have been using this forum for information since I got my Crested Gecko.

    I have had my crested gecko for 3 Months now and haven't handled him yet.

    I let him settle in to the tank and hes been eating and pretty active at night. When I try to engage with him he normally runs away back into his hide. A couple of times he has licked some Pangea from my finger but then runs away. That's the best I've done. Sometimes he runs away fast sometimes he just kind of walks off.

    The problem I have is that I bought the Exo terra starter kit and terrarium. The ornament it brings is hollow and my Crestie has made that his hide. I don't have access to him during the day (I have read they are more docile during the day).

    My questions are 1) Should I continue just trying to build up trust slowly.
    2) Should I block off the hide in the ornament (and replace with hides I can access him in) to handle him during the day.
    3) Should I attempt to pick him up when hes out and about at night? (I don't want him to drop his tail)

    Any other tips welcome!


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    He's asleep during the day anyway, so if you handled him then you'd be waking him up. It's worthwhile seeing if you can scoop him up at night and let him walk from hand to hand. There is a chance he may drop his tail. I've found that cresties have been much more likely to drop the tail when upset than leopard geckos, for example. I have some cresties that don't mind being held and some that hate it. Most of the juveniles I've had were pretty skittish in the beginning and then settled down, but the 3 that I hatched don't particularly like to be held



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      I agree with Aliza. Keep trying, slowly, when your gecko is awake. If your gecko squirms and jumps and tries to get away, it could just be its personality, though many young skittish geckos settle down with time. (I have one who never did, though. I don't think she's afraid of me but she certainly doesn't like being handled).
      3.3.0 Correlophus ciliatus (crested geckos)


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        Thanks! yesterday he jumped on my hand to eat a cricket, then realized what he was on and jumped off.