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Crested gecko burying himself in dirt and sneezing??

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  • Crested gecko burying himself in dirt and sneezing??

    I have a three year old male crested gecko and he is very nice and healthy, but recently has picked up some weird habbits. Hes been waking up a little earlier than usual, traveling to the bottom of his tank and just digging, for hours straight. He will sit on the dirt, stick his head down into the dirt, and today I found him sleeping in the dirt. He also gets dirt in his nose, which is what im most conccerned about At first I thought Noodles might have been a girl, but hes definetly a guy. Hes been doing it for around a week now, but today I went around and misted his tank and I heard what was like a sneeze. I didnt know geckos could sneeze and when I went to go mist him he sneezed again. I dont know what to do or whats wrong if anything, or if hes just having fun.
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    The photo did not come through. You said your substrate is "dirt" - is it eco-earth? Is your gecko a juvenile or an adult? You might want to try switching out the dirt with some spagnum moss - he can still bury himself in that, but is less likely to ingest it. What are you feeding him?
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      I hope this one works?
      Yes I am using eco earth, hes three years old, im feeding him pangea bug mix and bananana mix and I will look into the spagnum moss too. He hasnt been doing it as often since I last posted and his sleeping schedule has gone back to normal, but I still find him submerged in dirt from time to time.