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Weird purple lines?

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  • Weird purple lines?

    My crestie has been lethargic lately (1-2 weeks) and has had a bad shed. My mister has been broken and she didn't get misted for a week or so until tonight when I had time to get a new one. While handling her tonight I noticed these wierd lines on her as well. She has been eating a bit, but every winter in my house her food consumption goes down as it can get a little cold. I misted her a lot and she seemed to get some more life into her shortly after, but still isnt jumping around. Anyone know whats up?

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    That is kind of weird - you've never noticed that before? Maybe just try a room temperature sauna for 10 or 15 minutes to make sure she's rehydrated well, and watch behavior. What is the temperature in your house? She may need a little extra warmth.
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      Looks like scarring. The bad sheds probably led to her skin tearing. A crested cannot go that long without misting and be totally fine.