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    I live in a cold dry climate and I am having trouble with my crested gecko. He is an adult male in a 30 gal exo terra terrarium. To keep him warm I have two 40 wat ceramic heat bulbs on top and that seems to do the trick, but humidity is still a difficulty. He has a moss mat substrate, moss crammed into a mangrove tree climbing structure which is standing in a deep plant tray of moss and two pieces of frog moss in water dishes with clay balls at the bottom. He gets heavily misted with water many times a day, and while the moss is overly soaked and starting to stink, I struggle to keep his humidity around 40/50. Any and all advice is welcomed!!

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    Hm..maybe it is a better idea to keep him in a different room - even maybe in the kitchen.


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      I would guess that the ceramic heat bulbs are drying things out a lot. You could try using one infra red bulb instead of the heat emitters. Lay a piece of plexiglass over part of the top of the enclosure to help keep heat in. Mist once in the evening. Try not to worry about the humidity and see how he does generally. I live in New England with forced hot air that makes the place pretty dry. My oldest crestie is 12 1/2 and doing fine.



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        Try New Zealand sphagnum moss as a substrate. That soaks up about 6 times its weight in water, and if you change it out once a month and let it dry out, it doesn't smell and can be reused and last a long time. I never had much luck with frog moss. You could also try putting a small humidifier next to the tank. (Hint, buy a slightly better quality one, they are quieter.)
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          I am sure that your gecko will feel better when you try using one infra red bulb instead of the heat emitters. I want to say a big thanks to the owners, your forum contains so many useful info for all gecko owners. I wish you good luck and I am hoping to see the same cool works from you in the future.
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