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  • Humidity


    I apologise if this has already been covered. I’m a very new crestie owner, today I brought my lizard baby home. I have a recommended digital hygrometer but the readings seem to go haywire. When I spray it jumps up to around 99% (I first thought I might have got the sensor but don’t seem to have) which seems crazy, as surely that would mean everything would be soaking wet, which it’s not. But within about 40 mins it drops down to the mid 50s. I’m worried as when I’m at work I don’t want it drying out. I’ve got small water bowls in there, paper towel on the bottom, and fake plants in the viv. It’s warm here atm (my room thermometer is saying 26) so I haven’t got any heat sources on, just a daytime light as recommended by the reptile store, which my crestie seems to love as has been basking under all day. Am I doing anything wrong or is my hygrometer faulty? Thank you for any replies, I want to do everything right for my littleun

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    You got the probe wet. That happens to me all the time. Try to pay attention when you mist, to not spray near the probe. Sometimes it can't be helped, though.

    Actually, you DO want it to dry out during the day. At night the humidity should be around 80%, and go down to 50-60% during the day. Too much dampness can cause respiratory issues in a crestie; they do need a drying out period.

    Congrats on your new family member! What is its name?
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      You can have 99% humidity and not a drop of water on the glass if the air is humid. Humidity where I live is like 80+ right now so if I don't run a dehumidifier all day my basement apartment would be like 90% humidity within a day.


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        Ah thank you. My first ever reptile so just want to make sure I do everything right.

        This is Bertie, from this years litter so very young, not sure what gender or morph atm


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          Was trying to post a pic but can’t work out how 🙁


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            I actually keep a thermometer and hydrometer in my room to keep an eye on the room conditions as well as the cage conditions. If I'm struggling with humidity in my cage chances are the room humidity is high and that's why I can't get it low, or vice versa in winter. So that requires dehumidifiers or humidifiers. Same with temp. Cage temp is usually a bit lower then room temp due to the extra humidity in the tank so I can't assume the cage temp is the same as the room even without heat on the tank. I think it's important to see what the room is doing and not just the tank.


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              Originally posted by Charli View Post
              Was trying to post a pic but can’t work out how ��
              Hit the insert image button that is with all the other font options and such in the bar at the top of the area where you are write a post.