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Bioactive or Standard Setup?

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  • Bioactive or Standard Setup?

    Hello, I am looking into what kind of setup to do. This is my first reptile and want him to have a good home. How hard is a good Bioactive setup to do for a noobie? My current thoughts are that I will do a standard terrarium, fake plants and all, until the future when i am more comfortable owning my first reptile. However, i am still heavily considering both options. Could you lovely people help a poor soul like me? lol

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    I used bioactive setups from the beginning. They are not hard to do. Go here (http://www.blackjungleterrariumsuppl...101_ep_50.html) to get the basics. Note that you can get the expanded clay balls at hydroponics stores. For plants I have had the most luck with pothos which grows well and is very tolerant.



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      It's really going to be your preference as to look and how much you want to put into it. I have a brown thumb, and have killed almost every plant I've ever tried to grow. So I use fake plants in my tanks, and paper towel with sphagnum moss on it for substrate. Two of my tanks have Exo Terra Moss Mats (NOT Repti-Carpet), which clean up nicely and have worked well for me. I clean my tanks every 2-3 weeks, and find that it takes me about an hour, which is really not too much work fo rme.
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