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Can bad weather cause my gecko to act extreamly weird??

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  • Can bad weather cause my gecko to act extreamly weird??

    I have just got my first crested gecko Sock (sock is 1 month old). Sock is usually calm and shy, but for the past two days sock has been acting weird. Sock has been extreamly skittish and sensitive and I'm not sure why. My best guess is that the horrible weather is affecting her. I can't find anything online to confirm my theory. Can someone please help.

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    Well, I can't confirm it, but it would make sense that if it affects people and other animals, it probably affects reptiles too. See what he's like when the weather turns nice again.
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      Thank you for your advice. It was raining for a little bit today so sock was still a little skittish, but once the storm passed she was acting normal again.


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        They can sense big changes in air pressure which happens when a storm front comes through. My snake will go kinda crazy when a big storm happens and just pace around her cage when normally she is calm. I'm sure geckos can sense this too and it could cause them to be more active.