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  • Newbie please help asap!!!

    Hi everyone i just bought a crested gecko 2 days ago, he is a baby and looks like he was born maybe a week ago, im having a very hard time keeping the humidity in his terrarium stable, i have him in a tall container with holes drilled in for ventilation and the humidity keeps put between 80 % to 90 %, i was told this high humidity is not good for them for long periods of time and ive tried 2 different containers so far that didnt work, ive tried lightly misting, putting a paper towel down instead of moss, and i just bought a dehumidifier, i put it near the container for a little bit and the humidity stayed the same, the temp in the container has stayed from 70-72 degrees which i was told was okay its just the humidity that im having a hard time with, please let me know if there are any other enclosures i could purchase that would maybe help too and wouldnt be too big for my little hatchling, im stuck please help!

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    Exo Terra's and Zoo Meds are both good quality tanks. Look on Craigslist for one, or you can get them on Amazon, or at your local Petsmart/Petco. They have screen tops and ventilation holes, and are good and sturdy. If you have a baby, start with a small size tank - the biggest you should go right now is a 12x12x18, with two feeding stations. Plan on moving up to an 18x18x24 when he is grown.

    What container are you using now? You can temporarily use a large Kritter Keeper if your baby is a hatchling (sounds like he is). Same thing - paper towel substrate, at least one hide, a vine of some kind, and some fake plants for now, while you look for a slightly larger tank.

    You are doing right by using paper towel for substrate, and your temps are good.
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