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My crestie keeps getting injured??

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  • My crestie keeps getting injured??

    I have an adult Male crested gecko. He is healthy in every aspect but recently he has gained some scratches to his face. I noticed the first one about a week ago, a small scrape on his nose, that is healing wonderfully and had almost gone now. A few days after that he got a bigger scratch next to his right eye which was bleeding, I cleaned it off and checked around his terrarium for any sharp edges, I didn’t find any. That cut is also healing nicely but I checked on him earlier and found another similar scratch next to his left eye! He must have done it yesterday as it looks like it’s already healing up a bit. Nevertheless I’ve cleaned it and checked his terrarium once again, this time pulling things out and still can’t find anything sharp that he could have hurt himself on? I’ve been using a new misting bottle recently which sprays a lot more water than I’ve been used to, so I was just wondering if maybe too much humidity or too moist of an environment could cause his skin to become softer? He has no injuries anywhere else but his head. I don’t know how to post pictures so I’d be grateful if someone could tell me how to do that so you can see what I’m talking about. I’m also wondering if maybe he’s rubbed too hard on something while shedding? But that wouldn’t explain the most recent scratch. Any kind of advice or insight would be helpful, thanks!

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    For photos, click on the little square box with the tree in it on the toolbar (3rd from the right) right above where you type. Click on From Computer, choose your photo and upload. A photo might be helpful.
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      Your gecko could have scratched himself with one of his own claws. I don't really know how, but if there's nothing else in the tank -- they can be awkward.
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