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Help! Male crestie losing weight

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  • Help! Male crestie losing weight

    I got my male crestie a year ago (he's 3 years old now) and about 8 months ago, I noticed that he started losing weight at about 1 gram per month. He is definitely eating and poops regularly. There are no visible signs of anything abnormal, however he has been a little more jumpy with me at times. Is it parasites or something else?

    I would believe that he has parasites, but I don't know how he could have gotten them. Although, I feed him fruit every once in a while and 8 months ago, I gave him crickets as a gift for Christmas. Could he have gotten parasites from them?

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    Take a fecal sample to your vet to check for parasites, so he can be treated if that's what it is. It's possible about the crickets. Try a different source for your live food.
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