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Puffy, shiny vent :(

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  • Puffy, shiny vent :(

    A few days ago I was holding my crested gecko Scully and noticed that her (or his, not 100% on sex) vent looked a little shiny. She had just pooped and passed a urate so I thought that was why, but today I took her out and saw that it looked the same so I took some pictures.

    Click image for larger version

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    To me it definitely looks like there is something wrong and in the morning I'm going to look for exotics vets in my area but in the meantime I was hoping someone here might have insight into what this is. She seems to be eating and pooping normally.

    Or is this just my anxiety running away with me? I've definitely been prone to overreactions in the past.

    An update: just got back from the vet, who told me that everything looks normal to her. I'm mildly relieved but still puzzled because this isn't how her vent normally looks. I guess a change isn't a bad thing, necessarily? Would love some input on this still if anyone has any.

    As a bonus can anyone see any pores in these pics? I can't, so I'm assuming female at this point. She weighs 15 grams. Unfortunately the pics lost some quality in posting them so I'm not sure they're even clear enough for anyone to see properly :P
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    Clearer pic hopefully:


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      Anyone have any thoughts? I'm still worried about her despite myself


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        Hey! I always get the same kind of worry about my adult male. His vent seems to range from normal and barely visible, to a similar degree of puffy/shiny, sometimes even a little worse. But he's never developed any genuine problems and he always seems to return to normal. I think its just not always as closed as other times. I only have two geks, and I'm no expert, so I can't guarantee anything for you, but I can at least assure you that my concerns about the same thing have never come to fruition, he's always been okay