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Crested gecko Baby looking skinny

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  • Crested gecko Baby looking skinny

    Hi how are you guys, My name is James Oliver, I got this gecko from one of my local expos a while back like 3 months ago and she has been eating and pooping like normal, but the other geckos I bought her with seem to be way fatter then her, she seems very skinny and doesn’t take to insects like my others do, I’m starting to get a little worried because I don’t want her growth to be stunted or anything, I’m thinking of changing her food to a different flavor of Pangea or going to Repashys mulberry madness for her, I own over 15 crested geckos but she is so far my first problem, and I’m just worried about her, I’ll post some pics of her and attach the link

    All help would be appreciated

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    This is the gecko I’m talking about
    And this is same aged gecko got it from the same person, so why is my red one so skinny?


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      Maybe the one who is more skinny likes its food made different? One of mine likes it soupy and wont eat it if made normal. Past that id say your gecko looks plenty healthy