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Is there something wrong with my baby crestie?

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  • Is there something wrong with my baby crestie?

    Hi Guys,

    I purchased a baby Crested Gecko from my local reptile pet shop (i know please don't hate me) around a month and a half ago. I cannot tell the gender of it yet but as default i always refer to it as a male.

    Basically, for the first few weeks of me owning him it was a dream. He would eat everyday, he would climb around his tank, he would drink, catch live foods. I always made sure to feed him live food that was fed prior, i always dust live food with calcium, i would change his water daily, and he was eating 3 different kinds of Pangea fruit mix in order to give him some variety. He would also let me hold him, he was and still is very jumpy, but i'm purely putting that down to his age and lack of previous handling.

    However, over the past few weeks his behaviours seems to have changed a lot. I've noticed him sitting at the bottom of his tank more and barely ever see him clung to the walls anymore. hes also stopped eating completely, and will not accept live food or complete diet of any flavour. It is rather hot in the UK at the moment, so i'm working hard to make sure that his tank temperature stays below 26 Celsius. i noticed a small amount of loose skin on his belly, and automatically assumed he was shedding as this would also explain the lack of climbing, but upon further research, many people are saying that it only usually takes around 24-48 hours for a crestie to shed, in which case, his shedding would have been going on for a week!

    I/m basically worried about him as i obviously don't want him to die, and i feel like i'm doing everything right. he also has a UVB canopy, which i know isn't compulsory but i like him to have it so hes at a lesser risk of MBD and deficiencies. i also mist his tank twice a day, once more if the temperature is a little too high for my liking.

    Would anybody be able to shed some light as to what may be going on and what i might be able to do to get him back to normal?


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    The best advice I can give is go to a reptile vet to get him checked out (and do a fecal test). That is the safest and best thing you can do for the little guy.