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    Hello....! I have two geckos; female: Red and Male: Geralt. I tried to breed them during the winter months, it was a toasty 75+ always because I live above the boiler. Nothing came of it for about 3-4 months, I did notice digging and loss of apatite but never any eggs. This is her first time ever trying to breed, and she's about two and a half years old at a health 53 currently after laying, but was 59 prior. She laid her first clutch on June 30th (posted 7/3) and i did the flash light trick with the eggs and it seems as though they are infertile or died early on. I still have them comfortably incubating in hopes.
    Here is the question I pose though. Would you believe her still have a chance of being gravid/pregnant with fertile eggs? OOOORRRR Should I put my male, who is willing to mate based on activity, in with her in hopes that he will for sure in-pregnant her?
    Let me know. Thanks!
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    If the first ones were not fertile & you wanted to increase odds of her next eggs being fertile & would put the male back in with her.
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