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Is forest moss dangerous, or am I paranoid?

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  • Is forest moss dangerous, or am I paranoid?

    I want to use Exo Terra forest moss on the floor of my cresties enclosure to help with the humidity, but I see him on the floor exploring often throughout the night. Would it be dangerous to put the moss all over the floor, or even just in a small container, or is it okay for them to be able to go through the moss? I'm just worried about impaction, I'm scared he would get curious and try to eat the moss.

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    If he's an adult, and you don't feed him on the floor (unless in a dish), he'll probably be fine with the moss. (Watch for mold, though. I had some Galapagos moss that molded.) If it's a baby or a juvie, I'd wait to use the moss on the floor.
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