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First post! First geckos!

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  • First post! First geckos!

    Hi I am a fairly new crested gecko owner. My father has had three cresties from ac reptiles for quite some time now and gave them to me! I currently have 8 eggs from them and one of them hatched! Except I don’t really know what morph the male is and what female this clutch came from. One the females is a pinstripe and the other is a super Dalmation. The baby has spots on it but so does the male so I don’t know. Well crud how do I post pics on here?

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    Click on the little square box with the tree in it on the toolbar.

    Are your geckos housed together? With 8 eggs, if they all hatch, you are going to be overrun with geckos soon, and there could be more to come. I'd suggest separating them if they are still together - both to stop reproduction, and to avoid bullying or exhausting the female.

    Congrats on your acquisitions, hope you will be able to post pics!
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