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[HELP] Going on vacation!

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  • [HELP] Going on vacation!

    I'm visiting home for the holidays, which means my crestie is going to be in the hands of my roommates for a week.
    How should I go about having them feed him? One of them is unfond of insects and would not want to live feed, so I figure CGD three times a week.

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    Here is the feeding schedule I'm considering. I don't know if we'd be feeding him too much, or too little. The pink 'FED' are to signify days where I will still be here to feed him- my flight is on the 5th, so I figured I'd feed him first thing in the morning before I go. The black 'FEED' are days when I'd like my roommates to feed him.

    I return on the 12th.

    Any advice would be appreciated. I'm leaving them instructions on checking his humidity/temp and misting him twice daily as well as how to feed him CGD. My crestie came from a breeder and was (regrettably) trained to spoon-feed, so I don't leave his CGD in the tank longer than 24 hrs. as he won't eat it.

    Please help! Does my schedule look good?
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