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Am I a good fit for a Crested Gecko?

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  • Am I a good fit for a Crested Gecko?

    I am a happy keeper of a female leopard gecko and she is absolutely perfect as far as being low maintenance. By low maintenance I mean the amount of work I put into keeping her tank looking and smelling clean is almost too good to be true. Most weeks I spot clean her “pooping corner” and quickly wipe down sides of tank for smudges when I feed her. Easy peezy. I’ve been researching Crested Geckos and am fairly confident that I’d be a great keeper, except for the question about the SMELL. His/her enclosure will be in my office room which is on the small side, and I’m wondering if (because they’re environment requires often misting and humidity) they’re enclosures tend to smell bad? Musky, damp, stale smells are what I’m worried about. Any info and input is very much appreciated!

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    I've found that my crestie's enclosure doesn't emit any smell at all, other than a faint pleasant 'damp' smell that I can only detect when I actually open the top. I keep her on paper towel substrate in a fairly small room. Cresties require a dry-out period during the day (to around 50-60%) so shouldn't stay extremely damp all the time. I don't think you'll have anything to worry about smell-wise as long as everything is kept clean and the humidity is kept correctly good luck!


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      I've been keeping my crestie on eco earth coco fiber for about 3 years now and there is no smell whatsoever, when you open the lid there is a slight smell of the eco earth but tbh that is a good smell not a bad one for lets say a turtle aquarium after a while so as far as smell goes, you don't need to worry.