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Crested Gecko Shaking Head

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  • Crested Gecko Shaking Head

    Hello all, this is my first post, though I've come here for information on my geckos ever since I started keeping them. However, I've encountered an issue with one of my geckos that I felt was serious enough that I needed to get some specific help. I hatched this particular gecko about six months ago (early January), and until last night he has been getting along just fine. I picked him up in order to take some pictures, and almost immediately noticed that his head was shaking or wobbling from side to side. This does not happen when he's chilling by himself in his habitat or when he's on a surface outside of it, but when he's on my hand or arm, it just kind of shakes back and forth. Not only when he's sitting still, but when he's crawling around it's still shaking to the point that it kind of seems to make him run in aa sort of side-to-side motion. Naturally I went straight to the internet and googled my eyes out, but nothing really seemed to fit the situation. He's been eating CGD just fine (weighed in at 3g a few weeks ago, I suppose I don't know if that's normal for 6 months or not) for his entire life.

    What I've seen online has suggested two possibilities, MBD or nervousness from being held. I was under the impression that MBD should be prevented by a CGD diet, but I've started supplementing his food with the same calcium powder I feed my egg-laying female, just in case. The other option, while much less problematic, also seems less likely, as I've been handling him regularly (2-3x/month) for his whole life and it seems odd that he would develop handling issues now.

    Long story short, I'm hoping somebody here has some insight for this situation, and I appreciate anyone taking the time to read/respond.

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    Can you also add some UVB lighting?
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      I would have to go out and buy it, but if this really is MBD I'll do what I gotta do to prevent it from getting worse.


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        It could be possible that your gecko could have Hypercalcemia and actually have too much calcium in its blood. From what i've heard this has very similar symptoms to MBD and could be the cause of your gecko's wobbling. However I would say your best bet is to just go to a vet and have blood work done; because if your animal is indeed calcium deficient and you then withdraw calcium it could have very harmful effects. Good Luck