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Is it normal for pangea to look like this?

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  • Is it normal for pangea to look like this?

    Hi i’m a fairly new owner if you couldn’t tell by the title. I’m wondering if this is what crested gecko food is supposed to look like after about 2 days? (i replace the food every two days) it’s slightly liquid like still but there’s this whitish look on the top but the top isn’t like dry or anything and i’m just able to mix it back into the rest of the food. is this normal?

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    No pic? I'll usually leave my Pangea out for 2-3 days, but it never has a whitish look to it; it just gets a bit dry so I'll mist a little bit of water on it and remix.
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      The whitish-fluid is likely the urine of your crestie. My crestie has peed in his food dish before! If CGD starts to smell terrible and crust and look hard, it's been in for too long. Try changing it every 1-2 days if you aren't misting it to keep moist, and esp. if your crestie keeps using its bowl as his toilet!
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