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    I got a crested gecko from the Pangea stand at my local reptile show and today i weighed him and he is 2 grams. I have a 12x12x18 exo Terra enclosure would i be fine putting him in that? Also how old would you guys say he is

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    Based off of my several hours of research over the past few days, I'd say no. Normally, young juvenile crested geckos are to be kept in a smaller enclosure as they are more susceptible to falling, but, more importantly will eat better in a smaller "critter keeper." Based off everything I've seen, a 5 to 10 gallon critter keeper or tank is good up until about 20 grams. At that point vertical height is more important than horizontal width. Now, I have heard different things about whether a 12x12x18 is good enough for an adult, but I would say no. It might be good for a sub-adult, maybe even when your gecko gets a little bigger. But, yeah. 2 grams is way too small for a 12x12x18. Wait maybe a few months, then put him in the bigger tank.