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Crested Gecko Weight and Sex??

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  • Crested Gecko Weight and Sex??

    My little guy, who I got from Petros Geckos about just over a month ago (May 6th), seems small for his age. He was born Aug 12, 2016, which makes him 22-23 months old! But is at 17g, last night I put his food dish to his mouth and he ate A TON before he turned his head away, I didn’t want to force him to eat so I just played with him a bit, I weight him after and he was 18g, is this a healthy weight fir his age? Also when is the age you can tell their sex? I don’t see any hemipenal bulges, and I don’t see any pores, on his container it said prob male, and the breeder is more experienced than me, so if anyone has any answers, could you let me know thanks!!
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    How much does the gecko weigh? I saw a line of what looked like pores. If the gecko is under 25 g, it could be a late-blooming male.