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Odd ways your crestie eats?

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  • Odd ways your crestie eats?

    New-time owner here. My crestie was actually adopted from a friend who got him in turn from a breeder. Both the breeder and my friend spoon-fed him until dependency, so I have no choice but to spoon feed him now. (I've tried weaning him, but he just won't touch his bowl no matter what.)

    That being said, Atticus doesn't 'gently lick' like other geckos... he full on bites! Every time, even if he's entirely calm. Snaps and munches whole mouthfuls of CGD! It takes usually two 'big mouthfuls' like this before he decides he's full. Anyone else's crestie do this? If not, how does your crestie eat?
    1.0.0 Harlequin Crestie