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    Hey everyone. I have adult crested and gargoyle gecko, both kept in exo terra 18x18x24 tanks. The humidity is usually about 70-80% at night and about 50-60 during the day. Temperatures are ~75-80 in the day and 60-70 at night. I change the paper towel in the tank daily.

    My issue is the ridiculous mold buildup I get on the natural wood in the tank no matter what substrate I use. I have tried many brands of paper towel as well as lowering the humidity and airing out the tanks but nothing works to prevent this buildup of white fuzzy mold all over every natural surface. Every time I clean the tank I have to boil and bake the wood which is annoying for obvious reasons. I have tried all different types of wood that is apparently mold resistant including driftwood, vines ect to no avail. I have heard this type of mold is not harmful to the geckos but it looks horrible and makes cleaning extremely difficult, I also don’t want the tanks to be full of spores.

    I don’t have the time or money to convert the tanks to bioactive setups. I would also like to keep the natural wood since it looks nice in the viv and the geckos love to climb on it.

    My question is, can these geckos be kept on tiles to help prevent mold buildup. Both have small tubs of sphagnum moss in their vivs that they can dig in and use for thermoregulation, and I rarely see either of them at the bottom of the tank anyway, so I don’t see why this would be a problem.

    If anyone has any advice or can recommend tile to use please let me know. Thanks

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    You can use tile, but you'll have to get rid of that wood. It can't handle the humidity. Try mopani or manzanita. I use mopani and have never had mold on it. Grapevine grapewood almost always molds with the high humidity needed for cresties. When you take out your wood, clean your entire tank with F10 (mixed with water) to disinfect before you put new wood in.
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