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Thoughts on why my crested died?

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  • Thoughts on why my crested died?

    So the crested I've had the longest (2 years) has died. She was 3 years old 46 grams last time I weighed her a month ago. Misted twice a day, paper towel substrate, eats pangea with insects every other day and 2 medium crickets a month. She started behaving oddly a few days before so I'd been leaving her alone a bit, unbeknownst to me she was gravid for the first time. When I found her she'd laid 2 eggs and looked to be in the middle of shedding. Could the stress of laying her first eggs and shedding at the same time be what killed her? I didn't really find her soon enough for a necropsy and I wouldn't know what to look for anyway. Any thoughts are appreciated.
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    Parasites are often a common culprit, but if she wasn't actively loosing weight it would seem a bit odd that that would cause her demise.

    You say she laid eggs, she could very well have been eggbound. Eggbound is sadly a common cause of death in females. I use the term 'common' loosely, but it's certainly not unheard of and you hear of it more than others.
    There was no hot streaks that day were there? overheating could cause death too.

    I'm sorry for your loss Everyone always hopes to have a long life with their pets but sometimes the unfortunate happens. I've had one of my geckos 5 yrs now, and she's probably 6-ish years old cus I got her as an adult.
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