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New Crestie owner with a shed question!

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  • New Crestie owner with a shed question!

    Hello all!
    I am new to owning a crested gecko but have owned other reptiles in the past. I have researched shedding and have yet to find an answer to my specific question. I am wondering how long it should take for her skin to become loose enough to shed it?

    I have attached a picture of her fired up and a photo from a few days ago. I first noticed a small lift of the skin near her vent but nothing has come off yet. She is still very active at night and has not seemed to lose any stickiness in her feet. I'm just not sure if there is a certain time line or if it's time to give her a sauna to try and help her out.

    Click image for larger version

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Name:	shed photo.jpg
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    I apologize for the quality of the 2nd photo but thats the best I could get when she was out and about.

    She is in an 18x18x24 ExoTerra tank. Temps range from 69 at night to 73 during the day. I mist heavily at night bringing the tank close to 100% and letting that dry off, I live in Texas so theres about a 40% base humidity without misting. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Also if anyone has a guess on her morph that would be cool as well, TIA!


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    She looks like a harlequin full pin to me.

    You don't have to do a sauna unless you can see that there is stuck shed that has been there for a couple of days. I will be honest and say in the year and a half that I have had TAD, I have never seen him shed. I know he does, but it happens at night, and he eats it all, so there's never any remnant. You may not notice yours shed either!
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      Thanks for the reply! I was thinking she was a Halloween harlequin, her name is Lilith. I guess Iím just wondering when the skin will get loose enough for her to take it off, itís been about 5 days of her looking cloudy. Most threads/videos Iíve seen show their geckos with extremely loose skin and I just want to make sure everythingís alright.


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        Are you sure the cloudiness is not just her partially fired down? When they fire down they are much more pale looking.

        In regards to morph, Halloweens are super orange and black. From the photos yours just looks like the typical yellowish color cresties can have with black base.