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Crested Gecko hatchingly enclosures

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  • Crested Gecko hatchingly enclosures

    As i have now four fertile eggs // just love watching the process of them growing in my first set of eggs while one seems almost ready to hatch by maybe beginning of this month with how little red space is left// anyways im curious if a 6 L tub will do for a enclosure for them.
    One tub already finished making holes in it, close to eighty holes in the top piece and maybe thorty along the sides of the bin. Thankfully it was easily done with a old corn on the cob holders we had lying around the house.
    Foliage im planning on picking up small plant from pet shop that should give it plenty to hide in and climb.

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    I am attempted to check out walmart or places for fake plants to use in the tubs instead of the vines. Also going to ude paper towel for the bottom peice having easier clean up at least.


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      A 6 L bin will probably be large for hatchlings. I used 4 L tupperware containers; I made the holes with a soldering iron. But since you already have the 6 L bins, just make sure they're full of places for the geckos to climb and hide.

      Paper towels are a good substrate for hatchlings. They're easy to replace and you can see when the little ones poop.

      You can use the nearly-flat caps from water bottles as food dishes.

      I also recommend getting a bag of paper coin wrappers from a dollar store. The coin wrappers make great hiding spots for little geckos. They can start out in the dime wrappers, and then graduate to nickel and quarter wrappers before moving on to toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls.
      3.3.0 Correlophus ciliatus (crested geckos)


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        Ill keep to the toliet paper rolls since im pretty sure that dollar stores around me stopped selling the paper ones. Well the four that ive visited.
        I knew they would be a little big but planned on giving plenty places for them to hide and climb on instead of upping tubs when they grow. That and the 6 lt were the only ones they even had in stalk that wasnt the super thick unflexable plastic.