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Questions about relocating crusted geckos

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  • Questions about relocating crusted geckos

    Hey! I’m looking into purchasing a crusted gecko. My parents are divorced so I move around a lot. I was wondering if I set up two terrariums at my mom’s house and at my dad’s house if I could take my gecko with me. I go back and forth every other week. I’m worried this could stress the gecko out. Would something like this be possible?? Thanks!!

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    It usually takes cresties several weeks to adjust to new surroundings so moving from one location to another every week will be too much for them to handle. You would also need to factor in the actual travelling, which is also a stressful experience. So purely in the interest of the health and well-being of the animal, I don't think it is a workable arrangement.
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      That would probably be pretty stressful. It's not really a good idea to be always moving geckos around especially if they are moving from one cage to another. Moving like that is one of the most stressful things to reptiles, they don't handle environment changes the best it seems. If you do do that I would recommend moving the entire cage as well back and forth so that it's less of a move for them. This way their "home" stays the same it's just in a new location. It also means you don't have to take them out of the tank and into some small carrier to transport every other week (which is very stressful too). When I moved apartments I kept the geckos in their cages when I moved them from my old place to my new. They didn't see too bothered and were quick to start eating again since after the vibrations/noise of the move itself everything was the same and smelled the same, instead of moving and then being in a strange cage too.


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        If you must move, I'd say to use a large clear tub, that you don't have to move the gecko from, and can just move the whole thing rather easily. (Those nice dog-food tubs that are higher rather than wide work really well, with holes drilled in them for ventilation. Generally they are air-tight, so the lids shouldn't come undone easily, just make sure you have plenty of ventilation.) You might want to keep lights, mister, and food at both places, but keep your gecko in the same tub. Moving to different tanks would be very stressful.
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          Thanks!! If I do get a crested gecko, I will most likely keep the same cage. This helped a lot!!