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  • Broken lef

    Last night I closed my exo terra vivarium after misting my gecko and without paying attention closer the door on my geckos leg and left him like that all night I woke to the horror of seeing him with his leg Broken and stuck there I let him out he seemed ok he was moving around and jumped to his favourite hiding spot and I’m wondering what I should do from here if should have him put down at a vet or see how he lives with the broken leg

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    Please take him to an expert herp vet asap. Even if there is some permanent damage to his leg this does not mean that he can't live a perfectly happy and healthy life. But he really needs to be seen by a professional without delay.
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      Take him to a vet asap! Broken bones can be serious and just because it doesn't seem like he is in pain I'm sure he is. Please don't leave it, just take him to the vet.


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        thanks for the responses