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Does anyone leave out dishes of calcium for their geckos? Should I?

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  • Does anyone leave out dishes of calcium for their geckos? Should I?

    I was watching a youtube video about cresties. which is essentially all I do when I'm bored, and this one chick said that she always provided a dish of calcium for her geckos. I looked online and found a few people who do the same. If I want to set one up, I have a feeling I'd need to add some water to it in order to make it lickable. Otherwise they would just get a big ol mouthful of calcium every time and probably wouldn't like that. But I like the idea of having a calcium lick around. Do you guys ever do this? If so have you ever seen your gecko respond to it? Do you add water and let it dry or just serve plain calcium powder? Should I add a little bit of magnesium so it's more readily absorbed? Should I use plain calcium without D3 or do calcium with D3?

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    There is no need for a calcium dish if you feed a good quality crested gecko diet like repashy or pangea. They are complete diets and therefore have all the calcium they need. I would think they either would never like it since they have no need for calcium and it would be a waste or they could eat too much with both the like and the regular food and overdose. A few exceptions for when it would be good to leave out calcium would be for egg laying females, dusting feeder insects and if your gecko already has a calcium problem like MBD. In those cases you could leave a dish out for them to get extra calcium and you dust insects to provide calcium.


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      A lot of people will do it, so the crested can eat it as needed.

      Every few months, I replace one CGD meal with calcium+water and it to all of my Geckos. They all eat it, atleast some anyway. At the beginning of the year/ a couple months before breeding season, I give my breeder female dry power, up until the season starts. However, that’s my option to do so. It’s not necessary and if you feed a complete diet, there is no reason to do it, unless you are breeding or have a MBD crestie. It won’t harm them if you do it don’t do it.

      I you do decide to give them some, do small amount and leave it dry, otherwise it becomes very pasty after a short period of time.
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        I leave a dish of calcium powder for my females. They do lick it as needed, even though they're getting Pangea. Females just need more calcium whenever they're producing eggs.
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          I do, just in case. I don't know if it's necessary, but I accidentally bought a tub of it thinking that he needed it, so... may as well use it. The stuff I have has D3 and I just leave a little dish of it dry in his tank at all times.


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            Do you use plain calcium or D3 calcium?